Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mustache Valentine

I've been brainstorming ideas for my boys valentines day party for awhile now. Well, not really brainstorming but thinking about it before bed. As in, "Do I really have to make 40-ish valentines?" I remembered a cute Martha flower valentine pictured here. I kept thinking of ways to make it more masculine. I knew my boys wouldn't go for flowers. They're only 4 but they already refuse to wear pink.

Then it hit me! A mustache valentine. I thought I was a genius. I could cut out little mustaches for the boys and lips for the girls and wrap it around the lollipop. I mean, really, I am so smart. Then I decided to google it make sure nobody else was as smart (i.e. thought of it first). Turn out I am not a genius. I found cute mustache ideas here and here and here. I guess great minds think alike.

What I DID do was make them cute, original tshirts. Using my new best friend (PSE) I made the mustache valentine shirt. I printed onto t-shirt iron-on transfer paper and ironed on. You can download it here. Again, I ask that you leave a comment or become a follower when you download. Thanks!

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