Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ruffled towels

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've posted. Well, actually I can believe it. We were part of Snowmageddon this past week. We got over a foot but I lost track when the wind started blowing huge drifts at us. We shoveled out on our snow day. The kids definitely enjoyed all the snow!
On to the towels. I have a house full of males and my cutsey, flowery decor is barely detectable. I have seen ruffles all over blogland lately. I really wanted to do something with ruffles but didn't know what.
I started by ruffling a ribbon I had. It went ok. I don't have a ruffler foot for my sewing machine so I just did a straight stich down the middle and pulled the thread until the ribbon resembled a ruffle. I liked it but thought it was too blah to put on anything. Then it hit me!

I have had these super soft and plush Tommy Hilfigar towel in my stash for-evah. I just needed the right project. I gathered up some fresh and some old fabric and went to work.

I love that they are fun and frilly and can be used for Valentine's day or for spring. I would use them in a feminine (very) bathroom. I'm even thinking about using them as decor in my kitchen.

I love them! (It seems I love everything I make.) :) If you'd like to purchase one they are in my etsy shop. BabsMadeIt. Convo me on etsy or leave a comment here and I'll give you a 20% off code.

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  1. These turned out really cute! What a great idea, you can make them to match your decor or any holiday!

    Thanks for sharing in FFA!

    Hannah @